The cars which have seen their prices soar the most in the last decade

It’ll come as no surprise to you that cars today are more expensive than they were ten years ago, meaning you’re likely to have to take out car finance if you want to buy one straight from the showroom.

Inflation means that everything that we spend money on gets more expensive over time, but in theory, our earnings should be on the up alongside this.

But, is that the case when it comes to cars? We’ve looked at over 80 popular cars which were still around ten years ago to see which have increased in price the most and how this compares with the average salary today (£25,780) and in 2011 (£21,100).

Jeep Wranglers rose in price more than any other vehicle

So, which vehicles saw their prices increase the most in the last ten years?

The cars which have soared the most in price

Rank Car 2011 price Price as a % of median salary (2011) 2021 price Price as a % of median salary (2021) Price increase

Are Nissans Immune from ‘Carflation’?

While the majority of vehicles have seen their prices increase considerably in the last ten years, that’s not necessarily the case for all, with some notable exceptions…


2021 vehicle prices were sourced from each manufacturer’s website and refer to the list price as of April 12 2021.

2011 prices were sourced using the Wayback Machine by the Internet Archive, which shows archived versions of websites.

This allowed us to ‘go back’ to 2011 and find the list prices of those same vehicles. For each vehicle we analysed the cheapest available model. Note that while prices may have changed throughout 2011, we took the prices from as close to April 12 2011 as possible.

Unfortunately, archived versions of sites for some brands such as Land Rover, Audi and Mini were unavailable, so these had to be omitted.

Median salary figures were sourced from the Office for National Statistics Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings.