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13 graphs that accurately sum up driving

Jamie C, 
Thursday, 11 January 2018

Whether it’s sitting for hours in traffic, battling to reach a petrol station before running out of fuel, or singing your heart out to what’s on the radio – driving can be a weird and wonderful thing. As driving enthusiasts, we’ve taken the handbrake off and delved into the funny oddities that anybody that’s sat behind a wheel can relate to (after checking our mirrors of course!).

Through a series of graphs and illustrations we have explored the peculiar behaviours and thoughts that can occur when you hit the road; from seemingly always getting stuck at a traffic light just as it turns red, to how other road users slow to a snail’s pace when you’re running late. And although we would always advocate following the rules of the road to the letter – some situations seemed too prevalent not to comment on!

So take a look at the illustrations below to see which of the following situations you relate to most!

radio graph

Police graph

Petrol graph

car wash graph

soft top graphic

cold temperature graph

morning traffic graph

child car bingo graphic

Emotion graph

backseat driver graphic

petrol graphic

traffic light graphic

Jamie C,