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Jamie C, 
Wednesday, 16 June 2021
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BMW and Audi drivers are most disliked in the UK

We’re all guilty of having preconceptions about our fellow road users, whether it’s flashy sports car drivers or the notorious ‘White Van Man’, some drivers on our roads certainly get a worse rep than others.

Surely it’s all about the person behind the wheel, rather than the car that they’re driving, but to find out what the nation thinks, we’ve conducted a survey to find out who people consider to be the worst drivers on the roads.

Do you fall into one of these categories? And would the perceptions of your fellow road users be enough to sway your choice of vehicle the next time you’re looking for car finance?

The nation’s least favourite drivers

So, which groups of drivers were the ones that were considered to be the worst drivers when it came to our survey?

The nation's least favourite drivers
  1. BMW – worst drivers according to 39.1%

Almost 40% of people in our survey replied saying that they considered BMW drivers to be the most likely to cause an accident, which is over twice as many as any other brand! It’s clear that BMW drivers have built up quite the reputation for them, hence the joke that BMW’s don’t come with indicators! And to hammer home how the rest of the public seems to think about them, a quick internet search for the term “why are BMW drivers…” sees Google suggest results such as “so hated”, “so arrogant” and “idiots”.

  1. Audi – worst drivers according to 14.1%

In second place (by some distance), were Audi drivers, who were identified as being the worst by 14.1% of our respondents. With a reputation for tailgating, owners of the German automobiles are clearly better thought of than those of BMWs, although they’re still clearly up there with some of the drivers that annoy us the most.

  1. White van – worst drivers according to 7.9%

Taking third place was the ‘White Van Man’, with drivers of the commercial vehicles long being derided by the British public as some of the least considerate drivers on the roads. Many tradespeople including builders, plumbers, and locksmiths have been branded with the ‘White Van Man’ moniker over the years, but they clearly fall some way behind the likes of BMW and Audi drivers in the eyes of the public!

  1. Range Rover – worst drivers according to 4.6%

Range Rovers certainly dominate the roads through their sheer size, which is perhaps a big part of the reason why 4.6% said that they were the most dangerous too. Perhaps their lofty position gives Range Rover drivers gives them a sense of entitlement on the roads, or perhaps that’s just an unfair stereotype from those of us suffering from SUV envy?

  1. Ford – worst drivers according to 4.2%

Ford remains the most common brand on the UK’s roads, in particular, the ever-popular Focus and Fiesta models, their drivers are perhaps not quite as popular! 4.2% of people said that they found Ford drivers to be the worst on the roads. Given the amount of Ford drivers on the road, it’s likely that most of us have come across a rude or dangerous one in our time.

The Nation's Least Favourite Drivers Table


We conducted a survey to over 4,000 people through Maru on April 12th 2021 asking the question: “Who do you think are the worst drivers on the road?”.

Jamie C,