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Dangerous Christmas Number 1’s

Jamie C, 
Monday, 02 December 2019

Every year a chart-topper is crowned as the Christmas Number 1 and it’s kind of a big deal. Christmas Number 1’s often go down in history and will certainly make it into seasonal playlists for years to come.

Each year the list of contenders grows with new festive songs looking to make their mark. Sometimes themes songs from Christmas adverts take the limelight, and even those songs going against the festive grain can make it to the top, it can be anybody’s race!

There’s nothing better than counting down to the Christmas Number 1 when you’re driving home for Christmas. But did you know, these tunes could also be influencing how you drive in ways you’re not aware of? So here at Moneybarn we analysed every previous Christmas Number 1 to find the most dangerous of them all.

The results were calculated using the tempo and energy of a song to determine how fast, loud and noisy a track feels. It’s been suggested that for safer driving, the music you listen to should mimic the human heartbeat with a BPM that falls between 60 – 100. High BPM and energy songs were ranked as less safe, as studies have shown music with a BPM greater than 120 can result in faster driving speeds and more traffic violations. Check out the most dangerous Christmas Number 1’s below:

Dangerous Christmas Number 1s

But which songs are the safest to drive to?

Safest Christmas Number 1's

The full list of Christmas Number 1’s analysed can be found here.

Jamie C,