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When should I sell my vehicle?

Amelia S, Copy and Content Executive
Wednesday, 08 April 2020

Selling your vehicle, whether that’s a car, van or motorbike can be very daunting. It’s a big deal. You want to make sure you are getting the best deal possible, but where do you start?

From the different seasons to dealership promotions, there are many things to consider.

Here are our top tips to selling your vehicle, whatever the time of year.

Time of year

This is a big one. Different events, holidays, and seasons all play a huge role in finding the best time to sell.

During the warmer months (mainly summer, but spring if you are lucky!) there is a higher demand for classics, roadsters, sports cars, convertibles and of course motorbikes. With that, the prices for these types of vehicles increase.

In the winter months, when the temperature plummets, cars like 4x4s, off-roaders and SUVs are much more appealing to people wanting to buy.

For vans it’s not so important to consider the weather or season, but more the tax year. Selling your car at the beginning of the tax year could lead you open to more buyers and therefore a higher selling price.

So, if you’re not short on time, think ahead. Consider what time of year is best to drive your vehicle and think about selling it then. This will increase your chances of getting the best possible decision.

A calendar showing the year

New registrations 

If you didn’t already know, every year, two new sets of number plate registrations are brought out. This normally happens on 1 March and 1 September.

When this happens a lot of people looking to sell their vehicle tend to do it around these months. You should think about selling before either of these dates so that your competition is reduced, hopefully getting you a better deal for your vehicle.

Existing finance 

Get this paid off. Before you can even consider selling your vehicle.

You cannot sell a vehicle that has outstanding finance attached to it. It’s illegal. So, get that cleared way before you start thinking about any other factors that go into selling your vehicle.

Man driving a car

New or need

Not everyone is bothered about getting the newest, flashiest, shiny vehicle. If this is you, then it’s most likely that you’re selling your vehicle because your circumstances have unfortunately changed.

You could be starting to think about starting a family? You could be starting a new business or a new job with a longer commute? Your vehicle might even just need a lot of work, and repairing it will be more trouble than its worth.

Whatever your reasoning, make sure it’s what you need and want.

If you’re looking for a trusted dealer in your local area, head to our location pages. There you’ll find our list of recommended dealers by location.



Happy selling!

Amelia S, Copy and Content Executive
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