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Should I Buy a Dash Cam for my Van?

Amelia S, 
Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Dashcams have been about for decades but were originally only something you would see in a police car or van. This is partly because dash cams back then were extremely expensive, and very large and clunky, meaning they weren’t easy to install in a vehicle of your own.

You now see them quite a lot, and there is a good reason for that. In fact, last year, the AA shared some research that showed dash cam ownership went from 1% – 15% in just 4 years.

They are a lot smaller and cheaper than they used to be, but they can also bring you piece of mind, especially if you are driving a van for work.

1. Safety whilst driving

Unfortunately, accidents happen. Nobody ever wants to have an accident, but if your van is needed for you to work, then it’s really the last thing you want.

Dash cams can bring clarity to an accident, which would never be able to happen otherwise. Dash cams will catch the accident on camera, giving everyone involved a clear answer when fingers start to point.

A dashcam in the windscreen of a van

2. Catching criminals

Vans unfortunately can be a dream for a thief, as they almost always are carrying something valuable. Most dash cams will have a feature that can be toggled on and off that will record movement around your vehicle whilst it’s parked. This is not only great for accidents that happen while the vehicle is parked, but also if a criminal tries to get in, the camera will start recording.

It can also be the case that criminals won’t even attempt to break into you vehicle if they see a dash cam as it’s not worth the risk in getting caught.

So, whether you have it on or not, it can still work as an effective deterrent. Although it’s not worth taking the risk, so we’d still have it activated to film whilst parked.

3. Insurance premiums

a girl jumping for joy

Can having a dash cam affect my insurance? Yes they can. This is one of the most positive factors to consider when buying a dash cam. Some insurance companies think that if you have a dash cam installed in your van then you are more likely to drive carefully.

Do check with your insurance company first before buying a dash cam, as we can’t guarantee that this will reduce your premium. If you think you are paying too much for your insurance, take a look on our guide on how to get cheaper vehicle insurance.

Different type of dash cams for vans

Dash cams can either come as a single unit, for the front of your van, or can be sold as a pair. This is so you can film both the front and rear of your vehicle.

If you are wanting the dash cam to bring a more robust security and safety structure to your van then getting both would give you a complete picture of any accident or crime that may take place to your vehicle.

Dash cams can range from around £40 – £250 depending on which model and make you opt for. We would advise to read reviews before purchasing as some can offer an unclear image where you can barely read a number plate, where as others will offer a high quality picture.

From our own research we have come across a company called NextBase, which seems to offer a range of high quality dashcams so they are probably a good place to start.

So, should you get a dashcam for your van?

If you are concerned around the safety of your van, or even that people may try to blame you for an accident that wasn’t your fault, then we think it’s a no brainer. If you are still unsure, you could buy one dashcam to start off with for the front view, and if you like it then you could consider buying one for the rear at a later date.

After all, we all know that the camera never lies.

Amelia S,
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