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5 of the Best Cars for Winter Driving in the UK

Amelia S, 
Monday, 18 October 2021

Some places in the UK will see more snow than others throughout the winter months, but if you know you will always need to travel come rain, sun or snow it might be worth taking a look at one of these cars for winter driving.

When driving in the winter you should always make sure that your tyres are in good working order so that you have plenty of grip for snowy or icy conditions. You might also want to consider a four-wheel drive vehicle. These vehicles are made for when the roads get slippery whether that is caused by rain or snow, so they can be a good addition to any vehicle all year round.

However, it’s important to know that some four-wheel drives can add around £1,500 to the price of a car, so make sure it’s something you definitely need before buying. It can also reduce the fuel efficiency of the vehicle by 5-10%, which will increase the cars average running costs.

If a 4×4 is something you think you’d like, then be careful when shopping around for one, as a lot of SUV’s may look like your traditional four-wheel drive, but in fact are actually only front-wheel drives.

If a four-wheel drive is not the right option for you, then buying a set of winter tyres can give you that extra security for winter driving. Winter tyres are designed to be used in temperatures below 7 degrees centigrade, and therefore stick to the road better under these conditions.

Whatever your preference, why not consider 1 of these 5 cars to help you with winter driving in the UK…

Dacia Duster SUV

Prices starting from around £10,380 

Dacia’s are known for their affordability, and this model is no different. The second-generation basic Duster SUV is priced at just over £10,000 when buying brand new and has some extra added features. With new roof bars and smart rear lights, as well as more comfortable and supportive seats and a better infotainment system, this car could be perfect for the family.

More importantly it has additional features that we love for the winter. It has an automatic 4×4 mode that will let the car decide as you drive what setting it needs to be in, whether that be 4×4 or front-wheel drive. These cars are always designed with all passengers in mind and will really take care of your passengers as you drive. Passengers can enjoy comfortable and supportive seats as well as better sound proofing so the ride can be enjoyable for all.

Dacia Duster car

BMW 3 series touring estate

Prices starting from around £31,490

This car might be a little pricier than the others featured in this list, but it has all the practicalities of an estate car with a sporty driving experience that you’ve come to expect from BMW’s. It has all the space and adaptability of a usual estate car, but with the added extra safety features that are perfect for winter driving.

It has lots of active safety equipment that can detect other vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians and can even apply the breaks for you. It can also warn you of changes in speed limit, which could be perfect if there’s an accident up ahead, or the speed limit has changed because of weather conditions. It also has the option of 4×4 driving, which is perfect for the winter snow.

BMW 3 series touring car

Mazda 3 Hatchback

Prices starting from around £21,570


Mazda’s can be a good all round reliable Japanese car. As standard they come with a high level of advanced safety features which were a big factor in it receiving a 5-star rating when it was tested by Euro NCAP in 2019.

Every version of the Mazda 3 comes with an automatic emergency breaking system, a blind-spot monitoring function and driver alertness function which will warn you if it senses you’re getting sleepy behind the wheel.

Although the safety features are good all year round, you might have to pay a little bit extra if you are wanting a four-wheel drive as only the GT Spot Tech and the SkyActiv-X petrol have this feature. 

Mazda 3

Suzuki Swift Hatchback

Prices starting from around £14,076

A Suzuki Swift has great grip on the road thanks to its ALLGRIP system and is one of the only superminis available in the UK with four-wheel drive. Meaning this car is perfect for the winter.

If you are wanting great traction as well as grip, then you’ll need to pay a little more for the SZ5 trim that offers all-wheel traction. However, it does also get you a sat nav and automatic emergency breaking which will help stop collisions all year round, not just during the winter.

Suzuki Swift

Fiat Panda 4×4 Hatchback

Prices starting from around £14,974

This car is an easy comparison to the Dacia Duster SUV, as it’s another low-price car that can also handle off-road driving as it’s also a 4×4. Although Fiat do market this car as a city and cross-country vehicle,  you can test that for yourself on a test drive. 

It’s not our favourite car for all weather driving as it’s unfortunately a little tight on space, although it does have some very clever design touches for extra storage. It does also come with start stop technology as well as Bluetooth capability and other comfort and technology additions.

It should definitely be one to consider if your looking for a car suitable for winter driving.

Fiat Panda 4x4
Amelia S, 
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