Vision and Values

Moneybarn is the UK’s leading non-standard vehicle finance provider. Our focus has always been on supporting our customers and helping people access finance who may have been turned down by other lenders. We want to improve the quality of people’s lives on the roads and support them onto a better road ahead.

We are a company dedicated to our customers. We’re part of the Provident Financial Group and work hard to live by the words of our collective purpose:

“We help put people on a path to a better everyday life”


Moneybarn vision and values

Our purpose

At Moneybarn we work hard every day to help our customers find vehicle finance, even when they may have been turned down elsewhere. Our aim is to help our customers onto a better road ahead, whether that be in their vehicle or by improving their credit score. We want to help them to better their everyday life.

Vision and Value

What drives us

Customer progression

Our aim is to help every customer get where they need to be. We work hard to ensure that they can afford the vehicle finance we offer them, and that the repayments will work with their monthly budget.

Human experiences

We want to build strong relationships with our customers. Our aim is to provide them with a vehicle that will help them create lifelong memories.

Head AND heart decisions

We make decisions based on our head AND heart. With every new agreement we make sure that the vehicle finance we are providing is responsible and affordable for the customer.

More importantly, throughout every agreement we are always ready to help customers in any way we can.

Fighting fit

We’ll always put the customer first, striving to offer the best service and product that we possibly can.

How we act

Be hungry for better

We are always looking to improve our service for our customers, whilst striving to push boundaries in our industry.

Put the customer on the team

We always put the customer first. We have many processes in place to make sure we are lending responsibly. This means we make sure that the loan we are offering is in the best interests of the customer and their personal circumstances.

Act like it’s yours

Our team will always work with this mindset. This way we can ensure that the customer gets the best service and outcome for them. Simply put, this means we conduct every action as how we’d like to be treated ourselves, whilst also treating every resource with the same respect and consideration as we would our own.

Our customer stories